CalWater 2015 – ACAPEX Press

A selection of news articles that highlight the CalWater 2015 – ACAPEX Field Campaign:

February 2015

2015-02-14: Scientists go high and low for data on drought-fighting ‘sky rivers’, LA Times

2015-02-11: SDSC Participates in CalWater Extreme Precipitation Project, EurekAlert!

2015-02-10: Research Highlight: The Most Studied Atmospheric River in History, Scripps Institution

2015-02-09: The Hurricane Hunters Who are Helping California Battle Its Devastating Drought, Wired

2015-02-09: As Extreme Weather Increases, A Push for Advanced Forecasts, Yale Environment 360

2015-02-09: NASA Aircraft, Spacecraft Aid Atmospheric River Study, Space Daily, JPL News

2015-02-06: Researchers fly into heat of California Storm to gather key data, SFGate

2015-02-06: Atmospheric River Storm Approaches: ‘We Think This Will Be a Big One’, Breitbart News

2015-02-06: Global Warming May Alter Critical Atmospheric Rivers, Scientific American

2015-02-05: Scientists Ride the Pineapple Express, The Sacramento Bee

2015-02-05: We’re Going to Fly Some Planes into a River that Flows in the Sky, Gizmodo (India)

2015-02-04: CalWater 2015: Scientists collect data on atmospheric river and aerosols by air, land and sea,

2015-02-04: River of Rain Heading Toward Northern California, The Sacramento Bee

2015-02-04: Sky River to Bust Northern California Drought This Week, Yahoo! News, Live Science

2015-02-04: Drought-Busting Scientists Sail into Oncoming Storm, Breitbart News

2015-02-04: Research project Will Help Scientists Understand Major California Storms, Valley Public Radio.

2015-02-03: Scientists dissect approaching ‘Atmospheric River’, KCRA

2015-02-03: NOAA Goes Airborne to Study Storm, Fox40

2015-02-03: Scientists Fly into Storms for Research, U-T San Diego

2015-02-03: Atmospheric river Pointed to Soak Sacramento, The Sacramento Bee

2015-02-03: Research of Atmospheric Rivers key to Understand California’s Water Supply, Capital Public Radio

January 2015

2015-01-26: Sky me a river: Scientists say flood threat linked to atmospheric rivers, Washington Post

2015-01-21: Atmospheric rivers, aerosol particles, and California Reservoirs, Space Daily

2015-01-20: CalWater 2015 targets atmospheric rivers off California, Nature

2015-01-20: When will we have the next #HellaStorm? New fleet of planes predicting massive weather systems, CBS

2015-01-20: Field Research to Get Data on California Drought, Reporting Climate Science

2015-01-19: Aircraft, research vessel, and ground stations will gather data on California drought.,

2015-01-19: Are atmospheric rivers the answer to California’s drought?, Breitbart News

2015-01-19: Rivers of water in the air provide much of California’s rain, 89.3 KPCC

2015-01-18: California drought could end with storms known as atmospheric rivers, LA Times

2015-01-18: Rivers in the Sky, NOAA

2015-01-16: Experiment studying major West Coast winter storms – Atmospheric River – kicks off this week in California, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Division

2015-01-16: Atmospheric rivers, cloud-creating, aerosol particles, and California reservoirs, EurekAlert!, UCSD, Science Daily

December 2014

2014-12-27: ‘Atmospheric Rivers’ to Soak California as Climate Warms, Yahoo! News

2014-12-16: Refilling California’s Reservoirs – The Roles of Aerosols and Atmospheric Rivers, Scripps Institution

2014-12-14: Scientists use Major West Coast Winter Storm to Prepare for Upcoming Field Experiment, NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Division