CalWater 2015 – ACAPEX Campaign Planning Workshop

CalWater 2015 – ACAPEX Campaign Planning Workshop

5-7 November 2014

Presentations from the planning workshop held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome, Purpose and Introductions (Ralph/Prather)
Facilities Committed to CalWater 2015 Operation and Implementation Planning (Spackman)

NOAA Ron Brown (Fairall)

DOE G-1 and DOE AMF2 (Leung)

AMF2 Installation on NOAA Ship Ron Brown (Haruta)

NRL AXBT Support Plan (Chen)

NOAA G-IV (Intieri)

NOAA P-3 (Spackman)

Bodega Bay – UCSD ground-based activities (Prather)

NOAA HMT (White)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Data Forecasting, Modeling (Chair: Leung)

How data gets collected, where it is stored, who needs what when? (Helly)

Weather forecasting (Cordeira) / Modeling and analysis (Martin)

Adjoint analysis of ARs (Doyle)
Ship Instructions and Flight Plans (Chair: Leung) NOAA Rob Brown (Fairall)

DOE G-1 (Leung / Hubbell)

NOAA G-IV (Intrieri)

NOAA P-3 (Spackman)
Campaign Operations and Discussion (Chair: Fairall)

Daily flight operations and decisions (Ralph / Prather / Leung / White)

Weather forecasting staffing plan (Cordeira / Rutz / Martin)

Adjoint analysis of ARs (Doyle)
Brainstorming Sessions / Science Plans CalWater2 Early Start Storm: February 2014

Ship-based GPS Precipitable Water Retrievals (Almanza)

Potential Use of Airborne Radio Occultation to Study Atmospheric Rivers (Hasse)

P3 Coastal Precipitation Pattern (Kingsmill)

G-IV TDR Overview (Kingsmill)

A Combined Measurement and Modelling Source Apportionment of Long-Range Transported Dust and its Impacts on Cloud and Precipitation Formation in California