CalWater 2015 – ACAPEX

Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes
CalWater 2015 – ACAPEX
To the right are images from Tweets during the recent AR day:
Thursday, February 5, 2015. Thanks to all CalWater 2015-ACAPEX
followers for tweeting about our exciting field campaign!

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slides shown in the animation above.

CalWater is a field campaign that seeks to observe atmospheric rivers and aerosols over the North Pacific in order to better understand variability in water supply and occurrences of extreme precipitation along the U.S. West Coast. CalWater 2015 is a collaborative 6+ week initiative to study ARs and aerosols in January and February 2015. For more information on CalWater 2015, please visit the NOAA ESRL PSD: CalWater website.

The Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes at USCD Scripps is participating in many facets of the field campaign. In the below links, please find links to CalWater 2015 forecast briefings, weather discussions, and more. Please visit the CW3E website for additional media and news coverage of CalWater 2015.

CalWater 2015 Information: